Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement for Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation

Located at: 2099 Beach Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6G 1Z4

The Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation (Park Board) and the non-profit associations and societies that operate Vancouver's community centres are committed to protecting your privacy. Any personal information you provide to us is collected, used and disclosed in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA) and/or the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA).

The Park Board does not automatically gather any personal information from you, such as your name, phone number, street or e-mail address. This information is only obtained if you supply it voluntarily, usually through contacting us via e-mail or feedback form, or registering in a secure portion of the site.

Any personal information we ask you to provide is collected under the authority of the FOIPPA and/or the PIPA. The information will only be used for the purpose of administering parks and recreation services, informing you of our services and benefits and for statistical purposes. When the information is transmitted over the Internet, it is encrypted to protect against unauthorized access. The information will be stored in a secure location and will not be disclosed to third parties without your permission, except as required by law.